Here We Go Again! Machines Reject GOP Candidates & Issues With Mail In Ballots Cause Delay In Vote To Curb Democrat Governor’s Power

Here we go again! 

The State of Pennsylvania in addition to the primaries held a state wide vote to amend the states constitution and curb the governors power. 

Since March 2020, Governor Wolf has been able to rule by decree because the states constitution allows it. Republicans have tried numerous times to however have failed because the Supreme Court is controlled by progressives. 

Pennsylvanians were voting to limit future disaster declarations to 21 days, then the governor would need to work with the legislator regarding any disaster. Currently, Wolf can issue a declaration for up to 90 days at a time, renew it as often as he wants, and is unchecked. 

Just like in November the city of Philadelphia reported they had equipment issues counting their mail in ballots and their results would not be available for some time. 

WHYY reported: 

Philadelphia’s mail ballots malfunctioned, slowing down returns, for instance. Several York and Delaware County precincts ran out of ballots, Lancaster County was forced to count 15,000 ballots by hand due to a printing issue, and some Luzerne County voting machines showed a graphic for the wrong political party.

“I think it’s suspicious in my opinion after everything that happened with the presidential election,” stated local voter Lori Lambie. The issue was revealed during a primary election that kicked off in Fayette County on Tuesday.

“I’m a Republican and I filled out my ballot…when I went to scan my ballot it spit it out,” Lambie explained. “I tried it three or four times and it kept spitting it back out.”

The only ballots rejected in Fayette county were Republican ballots.

It’s 2020 all over again. 

Currently, the results on the two ballot questions limiting the governors power are close with 73% of the presents reporting. Election officials are still waiting on Philadelphia and this all feels like a repeat and the issues with mail-in-ballots. 

As of the writing of this post below are the results, click here to get the up to date results.

The issues in Philadelphia didn’t stop radical DA Larry Krasner from declaring victory raising even more eyebrows.