Herschel Walker and Rev. Warnock Heat Things Up In Georgia – Watch

There is just one 2022 Senate race that has not been decided as of yet. It is between Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and his GOP opponent Herschel Walker. 

Neither candidate reached 50% on Election Day, Warnock got 49.44 percent of the vote and Walker received 48.49 percent. The race is now moving toward a runoff which will take place Saturday on December 6th. 

Control of the Senate is no longer in play because Democrats were able to get at least 50 seats along with Vice President Kamala Harris’ vote. But Republicans are wanting to make President Joe Biden’s path to victory in legislation slightly more difficult. So there is an all-out war going on in Georgia to make sure the voters know who exactly Rev. Raphae Warnock is, below his clerics. 

Warnock released an ad a week ago attacking Herschel Walker’s character and generally disparaging Walker. So Walker’s campaign hit back hard and used Warnock’s own words against him. 

Walker’s ad shows Warnock saying, “Character is what you do when nobody’s watching.” Then it shifts to the personal issues the reverend has faced in a bitter child custody battle with his ex-wife, Oulèye Ndoye. It also focuses on the rent/eviction scandal that involved low-income tenants who were in properties Warnock’s church owns. 

Democrats should have worried about trying to drag the skeletons out of Walker’s closet because Warnock has his fair share too. And some of his are not from the distant past, they are current issues. 

The race will likely boil down to neither one of the candidates themselves, but whether or not President Joe Biden will have an easy two years left in his presidency. 

Those are the real stakes in the last Senate election. 

So stay tuned and watch the sparks fly in this hotly contested battle between the preacher and the football hero.