Hey Nancy Pelosi…This Did Not Help Joe! Watch

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has endorsed Joe Biden for president, but her remarks about his age have given the GOP a gift.

The former House Speaker who is herself 83, made an effort to save the day for Biden by trying to put the “age” question to rest during an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program.

What Pelosi did, though, was to turn it into even more of an issue for the president by essentially proving the point as only she can about how voters really should be very worried.

“I couldn’t be prouder of [Biden]. And, again, we’re very fortunate that he is in that position. Again, age is relative. I was in L.A. for some Democratic stuff recently, I met with [screenwriter] Norman Lear, who is 100 going on 101, who was telling me about some new shows he was involved in. I was meeting with Frank Gehry, a 90-something architect, showing me new buildings he’s building throughout the world. [On Biden] They were like, 80? He’s a kid. It’s relative – he’s younger than I am, he’s a kid to me as well.”

However, some people have criticized Pelosi’s remarks, saying that they are insensitive to Biden’s age. They have also pointed out that Biden has made some gaffes in recent months, which have raised questions about his mental acuity.

The GOP has seized on Pelosi’s remarks, using them to attack Biden’s age. They have also accused Pelosi of hypocrisy, given her own age.

Only time will tell how Pelosi’s endorsement and the GOP’s attacks will affect Biden’s chances of winning the presidency. However, it is clear that the issue of age is one that will be raised by both sides in the campaign.

It is expected that Pelosi to go to bat for Biden. They’ve worked together for decades, and not only that, but at her age it’s only natural to be defending her fellow Democrats who are on up there from suggestions that maybe it’s time they exit stage left.