Hillary Clinton Gave Brazen Response to Trump Indictment – Watch

In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton brazenly gloated about getting away with using a private email server while she was Secretary of State. Clinton said that she “did nothing wrong” and that she was “exonerated” by the FBI.

Hillary Clinton also seemed to be outright gloating about the partisan immunity she enjoys. In a Friday morning tweet, the former first lady sought to make a buck off her previous actions that, had she stayed a Republican after her days as a “Goldwater Girl,” would have earned her a federal indictment:

“But Her Emails.” Yes. What about those emails — including classified material and messages — Clinton kept on an unsanctioned and improperly secured private server in her basement? You know, the one that was conveniently wiped, “like with a cloth,” and for which she faced no real consequences.

Twitter wasn’t ready to let her skate by after Friday’s brazen attempt to troll the man who defeated the “unbeatable” Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016.

Clinton’s comments are a slap in the face to the American people who were outraged by her reckless handling of classified information. Clinton’s private email server was a major security risk, and it is clear that she did not take her responsibility as Secretary of State seriously.

Clinton’s comments are also a reminder of her long history of corruption and dishonesty. Clinton has been accused of everything from mishandling classified information to accepting bribes from foreign governments. Her supporters continue to defend her, but it is clear that she is a deeply flawed individual who should not be trusted with power.

In addition to Clinton’s comments, there are other indications that she may have gotten away with her crimes.

For example, the FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server was led by former FBI Director James Comey, who was a close friend of Clinton’s. Comey also made a number of decisions during the investigation that benefited Clinton, such as announcing that he would not recommend criminal charges against her before the investigation was complete.