Hillary Praises Biden’s Attacks on GOP and Joins Him – Watch

What in the world is Hillary Clinton up to? She has claimed that she is not running for president again, but how much can we depend on the word “claims?”

She certainly is in the news these days with the launch of her new show with Chelsea called “Gutsy.” And she recently appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

In that segment which took place on September 11th, she took the opportunity to get on a soapbox in support of President Joe Biden. He praised his attack on his political opponents and then joined him in it. She even went further than he did.

CNN’s host, Dana Bash started the dialogue with Hillary by talking about how the nation came together 21 years ago on September 11 when Clinton was serving as a U.S. Senator from New York.

Clinton used that as a launching pad today, “we have also, I think, been reminded about how important it is to try to deal with extremism of any kind, especially when it uses violence to try to achieve political and ideological goals.”

Bash tried to bring it back to a focus on unity by saying the terrorist attack was “a striking reminder of how all of America’s elected officials really genuinely put party aside and came together after those attacks.”

Bash then asked if such unity was possible today.

Clinton responded by applauding Biden, saying “I give President Biden a lot of credit for trying to continue to reach out to people, while still sounding the alarm about the threats to our democracy.”

She went further saying that people are not giving Biden enough credit.

“And I wish now that people would come together behind President Biden, who is doing an amazing job trying to rebuild our manufacturing sector, trying to deal with climate change, expand healthcare, and all the other things, including trying to do something about gun violence,” she said.

And then Clinton went full throttle, “So, we are in a funny position, Dana, because there’s a small but very vocal, very powerful, very determined minority who wants to impose their views on all the rest of us. And it’s time for everybody regardless of party to say, no, that’s not who we are as America.”