Hollywoke: Actress Has An Emotional Breakdown Because Of You, ‘Use Correct [Gender]Pronouns’

Australian actress Sam Frost had an emotional breakdown begging her followers to use gender pronouns. 

Frost teared up over “nasty comments about pronouns and non-binary gender identity.” 

“Why using the correct pronouns matters,” the Home and Away star began, explaining that she came across the comments from an individual she grew up with. “It completely broke my heart, I was deeply affected by it,” she said, explaining that she “can’t think about it without crying.”

“It’s important to use correct pronouns, because firstly, it’s basic respect. Secondly, because it means every single person walking around this earth feels seen, understood, included and valued. Why should anyone have to hide or feel shamed for who they are?? We are all equals. We all deserve to feel loved, to feel kindness, to be accepted.. exactly the way we are,” Frost continued. “To all my beautiful L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ friends, I love you. I see you. I will always support you. And I promise I’ll do my very best to continue to learn, grow and educate myself, and others around me.. so you always feel safe, loved & included. Keep shining your light so bright.”


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The former Bachelor Australia star isn’t the only high profile Hollywood figure that is trying to push their woke ideology on our culture. 

Recently, the Cartoon Network targeting children to “normalize” and respect people that use gender pronouns, explaining to children that there are “many genders beyond ‘girl’ or ‘boy.’” 

The kid’s network linked to a toolkit designed by the National Black Justice Coalition which instructions children to not use phrases like, “biological sex,” “female(s),” “gender dysphoria,” “lifestyle,” “sexual preference,” and “sexual reassignment surgery.”

Frost freakout may be more associated with her mental health problems. The actress has been open about her struggle with depression and anxiety and it looks like someone had a flare-up.

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