Hollywood Star Is Now Headed To Jail For A Long Time

Danny Masterson, famous for his role on “That ’70s Show,” has begun serving his sentence for two counts of rape in a California state prison. The 47-year-old actor was admitted to North Kern State Prison and his first prison mug shot has been released. The photo shows Masterson wearing orange prison attire with long hair and a beard.

Masterson’s conviction stems from the rape of two women at his Los Angeles home in 2003. He was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison in September, and his wife, actor Bijou Phillips, filed for divorce shortly after. Masterson had been held in Los Angeles County jail while post-sentencing hearings were held and issues resolved, including the turnover of all his guns.

The actor will now have to go through a reception and classification process that could take up to 90 days. During this time, he will have limited privileges, including no family visits, limited entertainment access, and no access to personal property. Masterson will be allowed one phone call during the first week and one per month thereafter until the process is completed. He will have access to the yard and recreation facilities during this time.

Sources close to Masterson say he has exhibited strength of mind and spirit while in jail and remains hopeful that his conviction will be overturned on appeal. At his sentencing, one of the victims, Jane Doe 1, called Masterson a “true coward and heartless monster” and said she still suffers from extreme fear and trauma. She also revealed that when she reported the rape to the Church of Scientology, a top official made it clear that Masterson was untouchable.

Masterson was expelled from the Church of Scientology after his conviction and declared a “suppressive person,” meaning fellow Scientologists, including his wife and family, must cut ties with him. However, the church maintains that he is innocent of all charges. Phillips, who stood by her husband throughout the trials, filed for divorce just 12 days after his sentencing, revealing that they had been living apart for five years.

“I did not choose to be born into Scientology – and I did not choose to be raped by Danny Masterson,” said the mother of three daughters, fighting back tears. “Scientology attempted to silence us … to intimidate us.”

The actor’s defense team plans to appeal the conviction. Meanwhile, he will have a circumscribed schedule and limited privileges as he adjusts to prison life at North Kern State Prison. It will be more than 25 years before Masterson is eligible for parole. For now, he remains behind bars, serving his sentence for the horrific crimes he has been found guilty of committing. This marks the end of a once-promising career for Masterson, who will now have to face the consequences of his actions. Justice has been served for his victims, and the law has spoken.

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