Gaza Hospital Head Interview Video Released – WATCH

Multiple news agencies are reporting over interrogation of the head of the Gaza hospital and what he admitted to destroy the far left’s narrative.

Ahmad Kahlot was the director of the Kamal Adawan Hospital in northern Gaza, and, during an interrogation with Israeli forces, admitted the hospital was used as a base for high-ranking military Hamas leaders.

“Because for them the hospital is a safe place,” Kahlot said when asked why they hide in the hospital. “They won’t be targeted when they are in the hospital.”

Oh yeah and Kahlot, joined Hamas in 2010 and holds a rank equivalent to a bridagier general. He also stated that he knew of 16 hospital staffers to include doctors, nurses, paramedics, and clerks who were also members of Hamas’ military division.

“I know 16 people. The positions are doctor or nurse or paramedic or clerk,” Kahlot told interrigators.

“They are the seniors, military and civilian officials,” Kahlot explained. “They had rooms which they hid in. They stayed there 10 days, and then they changed places to a different place, and then they left the hospital.”

Even more sickening, Kahlot admitted that Hamas used “an elaborate system of ambulances” to transport hostages during the October 7th attack.

“They have a private ambulance, even its color and the way it’s painted are different, and it doesn’t have a license plate,” Kahlot said.

“They used it to transport the solider (kidnapped) and transport bodies,” he said. “And they used it for other purposes that I don’t know about, but I saw it come and go without taking out anyone that was injured.”

The Hamas chief said that he became frustrated with his higher leadership because they would use ambulances to move around an dhid but would not help wounded people.

“I once begged them to take a wounded man to the Indonesian hospital, to Shifa [Hospital], for treatment, but they refused,” the Hamas official said. “His mission is more important.”

“They are cowards because they left us in the field while they are hiding in secret places,” Kahlot concluded, when asked what he thinks of Hamas. “The people are the ones who pay the price.”