Hostile Takeover? Biden Gives The Media Their Marching Orders For Election Night, He Plans To Assert Control

There’s a coup afoot folks, Biden and the media are planning a possible hostile takeover to try and delegitimize a Trump victory.

The media has been given their marching orders, their job is to announce that former Vice President Joe Biden is going to be President as quickly as possible.

Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon told reporters that even if all the votes aren’t counted tonight, they will have “a very good sense of where we’re headed”

“We’re not really concerned about what Donald Trump says. … We’re going to use our data, our understanding of where this is headed, and make sure that the vice president is addressing the American people.”

Regardless of his position in the race, Biden campaign said, he “will address the nation on Election Night in Wilmington, Delaware.”

It sure seems like regardless of the results Biden is going to claim victory. Something that big tech and the mainstream media said they would censor Trump over.

The campaign said that when Biden addresses the nation he is going to adopt “a healing tone,” and start preparing the nation for his coronavirus plan. Axois mention that Biden will “embrace science, and talk up the role of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The article in Axios said that “Biden had eight years in the White House, and he’s surrounded by aides with decades of government experience.”

Meaning all of the Obama people are headed back to the White House, the far-left already knows who they are going to put into power.

In their report, Axios mentions “Biden has blueprints for staffing every single agency, and has extensive plans for executive orders, including one to undo was Trump has accomplished.

It appears everything hinges on Pennsylvania if numbers look good for Trump who knows what the media will do. Democrats that run the state may even hold off announcing who won the state “until all the votes are counted.” It’s anyone guess and we’ll just have to vote, sit back and see what happens.