House Democrats Making Cash Payments to Family Members from Campaign Funds

The Democrats need to be washed out of the swamp in Washington, D.C. House Democrats Maxine Waters and James Clyburn have repeatedly used donor campaign funds to employ family members, according to Fox News Digital. 

Waters’ campaign sent four payments to her daughter, Karen Waters, in July and September totaling $16,000. And over the past two decades, Karen Waters and her company, Progressive Connections, have received $1.2 million in donor cash from Waters’ committee to organize and send mailed data. 

The Federal Election Commission recently revealed that Karen Waters received funds from Citizens for Waters this quarter for “slate mailer management fees.”

These mass mailings feature a list of candidates and guide voters on how they can cast their ballots. Slate mailers are used in California elections, but are not common in federal elections.

Maxine Waters was the only federal politician to send out slate mailers during the 2020 general elections, according to Fox. 

But Karen Waters is not alone, there are other family members receiving cash payments for Waters’ campaign funds. 

The Los Angeles Times reported that Waters’ campaign sent over $1 million to family members from around 1996 to 2004.

Representative Jim Clyburn (D) is right there with Waters. He has also built a questionable reputation for sending campaign funds to his family members.

Clyburn’s re-election campaign paid $7,500 for “office rent” to a South Carolina business. The company, which has received nearly $80,000 since March 2020, lists Clyburn’s son-in-law as the registered agent, according to official business records.

And Friends of Jim Clyburn sent the representative’s grandson, Walter A.C. Reed, a total of $17,500 from July to September for managing his grandfather’s reelection campaign. Since October 2021, Reed has received more than $75,000 in donor funds from Clyburn’s campaign.

Neither Waters’ nor Clyburn’s campaigns immediately replied to a request for comment, reported Fox News Digital.