House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan Demands Answers from Garland – Watch

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan  (R-OH) sent a four-page letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland Friday sharing deep concern over the indictment of former President Donald Trump. He again asked for documents and information related to the raid at Mar-a-Lago that the DOJ has refused to provide to the committee.

The letter reminded Garland that Trump is “Biden’s chief rival in the upcoming presidential election” and a reference to the double standard created by the failure to prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information.

The letter said: “The Biden Department of Justice is reportedly about to indict a former president and President Biden’s chief rival in the upcoming presidential election. According to reports, the Department will indict President Donald Trump, despite declining to indict former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified information and failing to indict President Biden for his mishandling of classified information. The indictment creates, at the minimum, a serious appearance of a double standard and a miscarriage of justice—an impression that is only strengthened by allegations that a Biden Justice Department lawyer “inappropriately sought to pressure” a Trump-affiliated lawyer with the prospect of a judgeship. Additional information
recently obtained by the Committee about the Department’s execution of a search warrant on President Trump’s residence only reinforces our grave concerns that your reported actions are nothing more than a politically motivated prosecution.”

Jordan then tells Garland about points made in a transcribed interview of Steven D’Antuono, former Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, held on June 7.

D’Antuono “expressed strong concerns with the Department’s pursuit of the raid and noted several unusual features in the Department’s handling of the case,” according to Jordan.

He included these “unusual features”:

  1. The Miami Field Office did not conduct the search
  2. The Department did not assign a U.S. Attorney’s Office to the matter
  3. The FBI did not first seek consent to effectuate the search
  4. The FBI refused to wait for President Trump’s attorney to be present before executing the search

Jordan ended the letter by reminding Garland of the Committee’s jurisdiction over the Department of Justice related to oversight.