House Makes Big Announcement In Biden Inquiry

House Republicans are signaling that full impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden could begin in the coming weeks, as White House stonewalling and evidence of wrongdoing have further fueled calls for action.

In a closed-door session of the GOP caucus, Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota announced that a vote to officially kick off impeachment hearings is imminent. Emmer pointed to the administration’s lack of cooperation with the impeachment inquiry as evidence that a full investigation is necessary. This sentiment was echoed by House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana who previously stated that President Biden’s days without impeachment are numbered.

Johnson appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity to discuss the latest developments, and he made it clear that the Republican caucus believes there is strong evidence that President Biden abused his power and violated ethical and legal boundaries to benefit himself and his family.

Johnson specifically referenced discoveries made by his colleagues Rep. James Comer of Kentucky and Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who have uncovered a trove of documents that suggest President Biden used his political influence to help his son Hunter and other associates secure lucrative business deals with foreign corporations.

In response, the White House has pushed back, accusing reporters of spreading Republican “lies” and attempting to distract from President Biden’s agenda. The administration has also put pressure on mainstream media outlets to avoid reporting on the accusations against the president.

But House Republicans are not backing down. Johnson emphasized that the evidence they have gathered, including bank records, shows clear and alarming signs of wrongdoing. He stated that the Republican caucus has shifted into the impeachment inquiry stage on the president himself, and if the evidence continues to point in the same direction, impeachment would be a likely outcome.

Among the most significant findings from the investigation is that President Biden personally received a payment of at least $40,000 from his family members as a result of overseas business activities led by Hunter. Additionally, the president’s son is facing multiple charges, including tax evasion and gun crimes, and is currently under investigation for failing to register as a foreign agent while representing foreign corporations.

As the evidence continues to mount, the call for impeachment will only grow stronger within the Republican party. With the backing of top leaders like Tom Emmer and Mike Johnson, it appears increasingly likely that full impeachment proceedings will be initiated against President Joe Biden in the near future.