How Can the Hosts of ‘The View’ Keep Getting It Wrong?

How often can the hosts of “The View” be so wrong? Well, they were wrong again this week on what is most important leading into the midterm elections. 

Co-host Sunny Hostin claimed on Tuesday that voters do not care about inflation as much as they care about abortion. 

But…that’s not what the experts are picking up from analyzing poll data. Even Democratic experts are saying just the opposite. 

Hostin was discussing critical election issues like immigration and she rejected the notion that voters care about inflation more than abortion. 

“I reject the framing that the issue here really is about immigration and that the issue here is about inflation because that’s a Republican framing,” Hostin said.

“Really the issue here is that the Republicans misjudged the abortion debate. They misjudged it, and it has serious traction in competitive races for the House and the Senate,” she added. “Republicans made a mistake, and I don’t think they’re going to be able to get back.”

Hostin even attempted to prove her position by citing voter registration data that seems to indicate an increased number of female voters. 

But more female registrations do not mean they are pro-abortion and it certainly doesn’t place abortion over and above inflation, crime, and immigration.

Just last week, CNN polling expert Harry Enten proved that abortion only became an important issue for voters in May and June, but issues like crime and inflation have since surpassed it again.

A new Monmouth University poll showed last week that the five most important issues for voters are inflation, crime, elections, jobs, and immigration. Gallup agrees with these findings.

So once again, the ladies at “The View” are wrong, wrong, wrong.