How This McConnell Policy Sunk Trump’s Presidency & Lost The Senate

It’s all McConnell’s fault and the proof is in the pudding, he is the reason why Democrats will run the government for at least the next two years. 

Last spring as the pandemic was starting to spread on his show War Room Pandemic, Steve Bannon advised that President Trump needs to out populist the Democrats. Bannon said the pandemic is an extraordinary event and said President Trump needs to get payouts to Americans. Bannon urged Trump to get money directly to small business owners and Americans laid off. 

McConnell and Pelosi fought him tooth and nail. 

For months President Trump screamed he wanted a clean bill for direct payouts to Americans, small businesses, and help those laid off. Pelosi refused to send a bill because she knew any money coming from the federal government would guarantee President Trump’s re-election. 

McConnell, on the other hand, told Trump that he is not going to pass another stimulus bill, that it wasn’t necessary. If Trump fought against McConnell he could hold up judges being confirmed and other legislation. The President was caught between a rock and a hard place, he decided to plea for the country to open up where it was safe. 

In typical rhino fashion, McConnell approved a ridiculous spending bill that sent money to everyone except Americans and then deep-sixed $2,000 payouts to Americans. Very publically, two weeks before an election that would decide who controls the Senate after all the shenanigans that took place in November McConnell turned his back on Americans. 

We could talk about wasteful government spending until we are blue in the face, not one dime should go overseas during this pandemic. If the government is going to spend recklessly they need to spend it here.

Exit polls in Georgia did not show the GOP losing the Senate because of Trump as the Rhinos and those in the media claim. 

It was McConnell. 

Exit polls show what upset Americans was McConnell passing a ridiculous spending bill but rejecting giving Americans $2,000 payouts. 

During a pandemic, McConnell refused to give Trump the support he needed to get aid to Americans, and in a close election, he turned his back on Americans. GOP rhinos and McConnell are why President Trump has struggled and why the Senate will be in Democrat control.