Hunter and Joe Put on a Show in Ireland – Watch

Joe and Hunter Biden are putting on quite a show in Ireland. It has already been highly reported that Biden once again got confused about where he works, he still thinks his office is in the Capitol, not in the White House, and of course, there’s the story of highly sensitive material that was found in the streets.

It was just a huge breach of security, that’s all. 

Now we are getting a story about the Biden’s visiting Carlingford Castle and Dundalk, in County Louth. The president was asked a simple question about “steps to success” by a young boy, and he gave such a confused response that Hunter had to step in to help translate for his father so he more fully understood the question. 

But even when it seemed like Joe understood, the response he gave was just unintelligible. 

There’s another scene in a deli where Hunter seems to be trying to ward off another embarrassment, but Joe gets a little huffy with his son. 

Hunter interrupts Joe at a deli in Ireland:

JOE: “I’m just comin’ down and looking.”

HUNTER: “I may want to order something/“

JOE: “Then you order.”

The tone of the exchange sent some cringes among the watching crowd. 

And then you had President Biden once again falsely claiming he “traveled 17,000 miles with” Xi Jinping in China.

That lie has been repeatedly debunked.

There’s not enough time to fully talk about Biden’s “creepy whisper,” he brought that to Ireland with him. And there was also some talk about granddaughters that sent a shrill through those who were listening: 

BIDEN: “The great thing about granddaughters is they’re crazy about their grandfather!”

“You think I’m joking?!”

And finally, Biden quoted some words from Pope John Paul II from a 1979 visit to Ireland. “‘I have kept the faith.’ That has been the ambition of the Irish down the centuries,” the Pope said.

But Joe said, “I have kept the faith…I’m not talking about religion per se…”

“I think that’s who we are. We keep the faith,” Joe said. “I’m not talking about religion per se, I’m talking about keeping the faith, the faith in who we are, what we believe, what our values are.”

There’s our devout Catholic again…removing the “faith” from a quote for the Pope.

After the speech, Biden got confused again so Hunter had to tell him where to go. 

Those two…