Hunter Biden Documentary In The Works

Hunter Biden, the first son of President Joe Biden, is back in the spotlight once again as he faces multiple legal troubles and accusations of corruption. However, this time it’s not due to questionable business dealings or his struggles with substance abuse. Instead, it’s for his close relationship with Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris and their collaboration on a documentary about Hunter’s life.

Morris, a high-powered entertainment lawyer, has been a long-time friend and supporter of Hunter Biden. He has been seen following Hunter around with a film crew, capturing footage of his everyday life. The documentary, currently untitled, will reportedly show a softer side of Hunter, focusing on his art, sobriety, and ongoing legal battles. This portrayal is in stark contrast to the reality of Hunter’s life, which has been filled with scandals and controversy.

Morris has been intimately involved in Hunter’s life, handling his finances and helping cover up some of his more damaging mistakes. According to an IRS whistleblower, Morris has given Hunter nearly $5 million to cover expenses such as taxes, legal fees, and even housing and car payments. Morris has been a major source of financial support for Hunter during these difficult times.

However, Morris’ involvement goes beyond just financial support. He has also played a role in shaping Hunter’s public image and attempting to cover up some of his more damaging actions. Morris hired forensic experts to try and discredit the contents of Hunter’s infamous laptop, spinning a false narrative that it was part of a right-wing conspiracy.

The relationship between Morris and Hunter is also beneficial in other ways, with Morris purchasing some of Hunter’s expensive art pieces. This comes at a time when Hunter is facing scrutiny for his involvement in a Chinese state-backed investment fund and questions about conflicts of interest. It’s clear that Morris is more than just a friend, but also a business partner and supporter of Hunter’s questionable actions.

The Hollywood lawyer’s involvement in Hunter’s life and his attempts to protect him from the consequences of his actions raise serious concerns about the level of corruption within the Biden family. Despite Hunter’s ongoing legal troubles and numerous accusations of corruption, President Biden has remained silent on the matter, refusing to address his son’s questionable behavior. This raises questions about the integrity of the Biden family and whether they are above the law.

In addition to facing legal troubles, Hunter has also been criticized for his lack of responsibility and accountability. Rather than taking ownership of his mistakes, he has often played the victim and blamed others for the consequences of his actions. This lack of accountability is troubling, especially for someone who is in the public eye and has a father in the highest office in the country.

New York Post