Hunter Biden Slithers Out Of Disclosing Financial Info In Child Support Case For Now

Hunter Biden has managed to slither out of revealing the last five years of financial information.

Earlier this month Biden had missed the deadline set by an Arkansas judge to turn in five years worth of financial information. Independence County Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer had called for Biden to be held in contempt and was ordered to appear in court on January 29th.

According to reports Biden has agreed to pay monthly child support to the mother Lunden Alexis Roberts dating back to November 2018 however, Meyer informed Biden’s lawyers that if the amount agreed to be paid it determined to not be enough once the financial information has been turned in she would raise the amount.

Fox News reports:

Hunter Biden has agreed to pay monthly child support retroactive to November 2018, ending a standoff that began after the judge in his Arkansas paternity case ordered him to appear in person for a hearing to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt.

The court redacted the amount of child support that Biden agreed to pay, pursuant to his agreement with plaintiff Lunden Alexis Roberts. However, Independence County Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer noted that she “lacks sufficient information” to determine the appropriate amount of “permanent” child support “based off the defendant’s income,” and that modifications to the child support owed each month could be made based on additional evidence.

Contempt proceedings over Biden’s repeated failure to turn over relevant financial documents have been delayed until March 1, giving Biden an opportunity to resolve the issue in the meantime by providing the information.

“The Court specifically reserves the right to retroactively amend or modify child support without the need for the filing of a proper motion by either party to modify support,” the judge wrote. “If the evidence indicates that the defendant should have paid more in support than the amount set forth in this Order, the Court may order that he pay an additional amount after receiving credit for the amount he has paid.”

The child support payments are to continue indefinitely until the court has ruled further on the matter.

So there you go, Hunter Biden, facing contempt of court charge just slithered out of disclosing his financial information by I’m sure giving Roberts a very healthy payout. We’ll just have to see what happens on March 1st but I wouldn’t be surprised if some deal is made and his financial documents never enter the courtroom.

This is almost as outrageous as the vile words spoken about Trump supporters from CNN’s Don Lemon and how Florida Republicans are betraying the 2nd Amendment.

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