Hunter Biden Takes Center State in ‘Un-Reality’ Show Again

Hunter Biden continues to be the star of his own “unreality” show. The most recent can’t believe it’s true narrative revolves around a claim that Hunter paid $50,000 a month in rent on a 2018 form that surfaced in the probe of classified documents found in Joe Biden’s Delaware home. 

The form lists the home that had classified documents right in the garage next to a corvette as Hunter Biden’s address. So there is a natural concern about Hunter living in that house and the proximity there would be for foreign businessmen to see sensitive material. 

This form in question was found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, it was attached to a 2018 email to a California apartment complex that was trying to get a lease for the president’s son. 

But the apartment was for Hunter Biden’s cousin, Caroline, the daughter of Joe Biden’s brother, James. She was sentenced to two years probation and wanted to serve her time in California. She didn’t make it there because the property manager did not approve the application. 

The form contained several errors besides the $50,000 figure. It claimed that Hunter had never been convicted of a crime, but Hunter Biden was arrested for drug possession in 1988.

The surfacing of the document has caused lawmakers on Capitol Hill to question what kind of security risks the sensitive papers have caused.

“This has all the pattern of an influence-peddling scheme, and it also has the makings of a potential cover-up,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) told Fox News on Sunday. “Five different locations at least. Who knows what those personal attorneys have been doing, and when you look at all the things that our investigation is covering with respect to the influence peddling, there’s a lot of connections with the CCP directly to both Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden’s uncle Jim, and Joe Biden.”