Hunter’s Prosecutor Was Planning Full Exoneration, But Then This Happened – Watch

The New York Times and Politico published a pair of lengthy stories giving information about the collapse of Hunter Biden’s plea deal over the weekend, and they are both full of interesting details.

It is evident that members of the president’s son’s legal team acted as sources for both pieces — which offer a series of jaw-dropping claims about what was happening behind the scenes before the wrist-slap agreement disintegrated in open court. And it all seems to be the result of a simple question from the presiding judge.

The Times wrote this: “The deal’s collapse — chronicled in over 200 pages of confidential correspondence between Mr. Weiss’s office and Mr. Biden’s legal team, and interviews with those close to Mr. Biden, lawyers involved in the case and Justice Department officials — came after intense negotiations that started with the prospect that Mr. Biden would not be charged at all and now could end in his possible indictment and trial.”

David Weiss does not appear to have any desire to actually prosecute the case and he was really just going to let Hunter off completely. But then the IRS whistleblowers came forward, and the political landscape changed.

The Times revealed: “Earlier this year, The Times found, Mr. Weiss appeared willing to forgo any prosecution of Mr. Biden at all, and his office came close to agreeing to end the investigation without requiring a guilty plea on any charges. But the correspondence reveals that his position relayed through his staff, changed in the spring, around the time a pair of I.R.S. officials on the case accused the Justice Department of hamstringing the investigation. Mr. Weiss suddenly demanded that Mr. Biden plead guilty to committing tax offenses. Now, the I.R.S. agents and their Republican allies say they believe the evidence they brought forward, at the precise time they did, played a role in influencing the outcome, a claim senior law enforcement officials dispute.”

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Source: Town Hall