Hush Up About Trump’s Hush $$, Do You See Who’s in the White House? – Watch

Can we hush up about this crazy case against former President Donald Trump’s money paid to Stormy Daniels?

We should remember that our country is still being led by a man who has trouble putting two sentences together. 

The commander-in-chief had Bruce Springsteen at the White House on Tuesday. He doesn’t have time to visit East Palestine after the massive train wreck because there are more important things to do like bringing entertaining Springsteen and the whole cast of “Ted Lasso.”

This is the state of the presidency. 

The optics are bad enough, but wait until you hear the actual narrative of what Biden said to Springsteen.

“There’s a lawsuit was between the governor of Delaware and the governor of New Jersey. And is now matter of law. We, owe — we own, Delaware owns up to the high water mark of New Jersey. For all I know I could claim you as part of Delaware,” Biden muttered.

“Let me start this over again”: Biden twice tries reciting the poem, fails both times.

The president doesn’t use a regular teleprompter, instead, he has a massive TV screen set in front of him, but he still can’t seem to manage to get things right. 

Here is a glimpse into our world right now, China and Russia recently united to start working on a “peace” deal regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And Biden is misreading poems and making weird jokes in front of celebrities.

The enemies of America are consolidating power and gaining ground in the global economy by joining together with Saudi Arabia, and Biden is glad-handing Ted Lasso. 

Look, this is more than just a man fumbling over a poem that he can’t get straight. This is the leader of the free world looking senile. 

Are the Democrats still thinking about displaying him as the right choice for a second term?