Influencer Arrested After Live-Stream

It seems another liberal Hollywood star has found themselves in hot water.

Elisa Ann Schwartz, also known as Elisa Jordana, a former writer for the Howard Stern Show, has caused a social media frenzy after footage of her hitting her boyfriend went viral.

In the video, Schwartz can be seen repeatedly punching her boyfriend as she confronts him about his alleged infidelity. The violent altercation escalated as her boyfriend retaliated by grabbing her head and chasing her on the road.

The incident, which took place in Palm Beach County, Florida, was live-streamed on Schwartz’s YouTube channel, garnering over 150,000 views. It clearly shows the couple’s relationship troubles stemming from the man’s supposed unfaithfulness.

But what is truly appalling is Schwartz’s behavior towards the other woman, who she identified as ‘Sara’. In a fit of rage, Schwartz threatened to leak Sara’s nudes and phone number online, a despicable act that should not be condoned.

Not only did Schwartz’s actions perpetuate violence against her own boyfriend, but she also sought to humiliate another woman. This is not the behavior of a responsible and mature individual.

Following the incident, Schwartz was arrested by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and charged with felony battery. Her mugshot has sparked further controversy, only adding to her already tarnished reputation.

Schwartz’s apology was weak and insincere. It is only natural for her to feel remorse for her actions now that her reputation is at stake. As a former member of Cobra Starship and a writer for the Howard Stern show, Schwartz should have known better than to behave in such a violent manner.