If you thought Biden’s ’60 Minutes’ interview was confusing, Get a Load of the White House Press Secretary

If you thought Biden’s “60 Minutes” interview was confusing, wait until you see White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre trying to explain it!

Sunday night, President Biden interviewed with Scott Pelley from “60 Minutes.” One of the controversial elements in the interview was what Biden said about COVID. The administration has been walking back on his remarks since Sunday.

Biden said that the “pandemic is over,” and he repeated it several times. He said that “everybody seems to be in pretty good shape.”

During the press briefing on Tuesday, Jean-Pierre had a bit of a different take on what the president said. She claimed that Biden “was very clear in his ’60 Minutes’ interview that COVID remains a problem and we’re fighting it.”

But everyone heard him say over and over again that the “the pandemic is over.”

Jean-Pierre, as has become her custom, figured out how to blame the Trump administration for any inconsistency.

She said that what the president “believes is we can acknowledge that — the massive amount of progress that we have made,” she also claimed, “this once-in-a-generation pandemic was mismanaged by the last administration.”

The press secretary also brought up the vaccine, but she did not mention that the vaccine was developed under the previous administration as a part of Operation Warp Speed

And she proceeded to demand more funding to “be prepared for the next generation of vaccines and treatments” and even “for the next potential pandemic.”

Jean-Pierre ended her confusion with another one of her go-to tactics, demonizing any Republican opponents.

“So, ultimately, if we lose these things, we have to ask them — we have to ask Republicans why didn’t they act. And so, that is how we’re going to continue to move forward on this. We believe this COVID funding is incredibly important for how we move into the future in fighting pandemics,” Jean-Pierre said.