Watch: Illegal Immigrant Crossing The Border Tells Americans Supporting Socialism To Leave The USA

The video below is going to cause liberals brain cells to die and possibly create instances where you see crazy liberal screaming in the street.

Let’s get one thing clear, Trump’s border policies were great and protected the sovereignty of the United States. What’s going on right now is a complete crisis and inhumane.

Remember, President Trump had the most support from the hispanic community than any other Republican presidential candidate ever. Hispanics supported Trump in full knowledge of his border policy. Democrats believe that if they flood America with new immigrants they can create a new voting block that will be devoted to them, they might want to think again.

Refugees have a habit of voting against what they were fleeing not supporting it, just ask the people fleeing California for Texas.

In the video below a large group of Venezuelans is captured crossing the US southern border. Jorge Ventura, reporter for the Daily Caller, interviews one of the men and asks him what he thinks about Americans supporting socialism.

“They shouldn’t be in the United States” he responds. “They don’t know the reality of socialism and thats the reason he left his home country with just his backpack, daughter and his wife”

The look on the mans face as he answers says it all.

Folks the answer that man just gave is going to break a lot progressives narratives and brains, they have no idea how to respond to what he just said. It just goes to show you how wrong the left is and how they see themselves as better than everyone else.

You may remember Jorge last summer, he did amazing work on the ground exposing the violent riots last summer. Now he’s at the border documenting the crisis at the border so that it’s not forgotten. Jorge a member of the conservative journalists group now known as the #riotsquad, and were recently doxed by members of the mainstream media.

Recently, Jorge highlighted why drugs have flooded into the country since Biden became president.