In One Year Biden Goes from Fireworks to Fizz

From fireworks to fizz…what a difference a year makes. Last year President Joe Biden celebrated the Fourth of July with a victory over the pandemic speech. While the crowd on the White House grounds feasted on hamburgers and watched fireworks, Biden boasted, “We’re closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus.”
But with hardly another move from the White House, the number of people who died from COVID-19 doubled reaching above a million over the past year.
After the last Fourth of July, it was a matter of weeks when Biden botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban took over with a vengeance, and Biden’s domestic plan collapsed from within.
By February, Russia invaded Ukraine, and prices of gas and consumer goods went sky-high, while inflation reached a 40-year high. And just before this year’s 4th of July celebration, the Supreme Court aimed at the liberal icon of Roe v. Wade.
According to the latest poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, the president’s approval rating has locked in at 39%, which is the lowest since he took office.
That’s quite a difference from this time last year when he had a rating of 59%. There are only 14% of Americans believe the country is heading in the right direction.
Chris Meagher, a spokesperson for Biden, is trying to pick up the pieces. He said, “Fighting inflation and lowering prices is the president’s number one economic priority, and he’s laser focused on doing everything he can to make sure the economy is working for the American people. And we’re in a strong position to transition from our historic jobs recovery to stable and steady growth. Because of the work we’ve done to bring the pandemic under control, COVID is not the disruptive factor it has been for so long.”
But nobody seems to be listening…the fireworks are gone and all that’s left is fizz.