In Wake Of Violent Protest Tennessee Legislator Pass A Bold 2nd Amendment Bill

A message to all rioters (not peaceful protestors) you might want to stay out of Tennessee because they just passed a very bold bill.

Resolution HJR074, drafted in March, requires the state to “[extend] a safe harbor to Virginians and other United States citizens whose constitutional rights are being violated by elected officials.” It affirms that citizens have a right to maintain arm equivalent “to those of their government’s basic infantry unit.”

The Daily Caller reports:

The bill includes language that details an individual’s right to own “semi-automatic AR-15s, AK-47s, and similar firearms” in order for one to execute their “God-given” right to oppose government tyranny. The legislation also reportedly parallels language in a book that claims over 260 million people have been killed by governments around the globe.

“We avow that Tennessee will not comply with extra-constitutional actions from any government or body that infringes on our citizens’ right to keep and bear arms,” the legislation states.

The resolution was passed after rioters lit the Nashville Metro Courthouse on fire during violent demonstrations resulting from the death of George Floyd.

A suspected member of Antifa was arrested for setting the blaze.

Tennessee Democratic Rep. G.A. Hardaway opposed the resolution but says he’ll encourage his black constituents to arm themselves. He also said that at times it’s necessary to “use force to ensure your individual liberties and to preserve the freedoms that you want.”

The Daily Caller