Insane Video Documents A Night At The Border, Shows Just How Bad The Crisis Is, Migrants Thank Joe As 42M More Demand Entry, ‘Thank You For…’

Jorge Ventura has done an amazing job since coming on the scene in 2020 to document the George Floyd riots. A lot of the videos posted by us exposing the violence that the mainstream media refused to show was captured by him.

Jorge is now on the ground with his team at the border capturing the flood of migrants crossing the border and being taken into custody.

The video was published as CEO of Gallup posted a warning that according to studies as many as 24 million more migrants wish to enter the country.

Below is video and images captured by Ventura’s team from 1AM to daybreak the week of March 25th, 2021.

Below is a video of the man thanking Joe Biden.

As the night went on things got busy…

The volume of people crossing the border continued…