Insanity: Court Ruling Just Turned Seattle Upside Down Even More & The Mayor Is In Hot Water…Total Quagmire!

A King count, Washington, Superior Court Judge just gave Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan some very bad news.

The Seattle Times has reported that late Friday a Judge made a decision over Durkan’s handling of police brutality, petitioners will be allowed to collect signatures to recall the mayor.

KOMO reported that the plaintiffs would need to collect 50,000 signatures before a recall election can be held.

A spokesperson for the mayor said on Saturday:

“In the midst of unprecedented challenges for the City, Mayor Durkan consistently has acted to protect the City’s public health and safety and to respect the constitutional rights of peaceful protestors. She also believes Chief Best has exercised her challenging duties lawfully and appropriately to protect the public peace,” the spokesperson said in a written statement. “At this stage, the Court is required to accept the petition’s allegations as factually true. Even under this low standard, the Court dismissed six of the seven claims in the petition, in addition to dismissing outright another petition. The Mayor believes the remaining claim will be dismissed.”

What’s interesting is that the mayor isn’t under threat of being removed for allowing lawlessness in her city. She is being threatened by the people that caused all the chaos in CHAZ.

This city deserves whatever it gets.

The Seattle Post reports:

The Durkan petitioners’ recall effort, known online as the “Fire the Mayor” campaign, accuses the mayor of “endanger[ing] the peace and safety of the community” by allowing police to “leak false information about fabricated crimes and threats to the media” and issuing a citywide curfew without sufficient notice to the public. The petitioners also accused Durkan of restricting certain property rights in downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill, the neighborhood where many of the protests took place.

“Jenny Durkan’s abuses of power, lack of foresight and failure to protect the public — and the peace — in Seattle leaves us with no choice,” petitioner Elliott Harvey wrote in a statement on the campaign’s website. “This is exactly the kind of case a recall is intended to address.”

The mayors office seems to believe that the petitioners are tied to wacko city council women Kshama Sawant, who has asked Durkan to resign several times.

Durkan’s spokesperson reiterated that “Mayor Durkan won’t be distracted by Councilmember Sawant’s impeachment efforts.”

Good luck Seattle, you are going to need it.

KOMO | Seattle Times