Iranian Soccer Team Puts Lives at Risk in Protest of Regime – Watch

The country of Iran has been in chaos for over a year now, there have been plagues of seemingly non-stop civil disturbances and then violent retribution from the government. 

The new set of problems began in July of 2021 with two weeks of riots that began in the southwest province of Khuzestan. There were terrible water shortages in the region and it caused rioting that spread to the rest of the country.

As soon as the government got those disturbances under control, riots began to break out over economic conditions in September. Then in November, there were peaceful protests in Isfahan caused once again by water shortages. Some believe that this was caused by the World Economic Forum’s corrupt water management policies.

Even though the protests were peaceful, the government regime used riot police to shut them down. But this protest was highlighted by the fact that more women participated in the crowds. 

Then in February of 2022, thousands of teachers joined together in a nationwide protest over their pay. And this protest became just the beginning of what would take place in May.

The Iranian regime took away price controls on basic staples like flour, gasoline, and medicine. This caused a massive price hike with wheat rising almost 600 percent. And people were once again in the streets. 

In this national heat, the “morality police” arrested a 22-year-old woman named Mahsa Amini. She was improperly wearing the hijab. While she was in custody, she was beaten to death, and to cover up her death, the authorities refused to release her body to her parents. 

That’s when things exploded. 

Last night a major stand was taken by the Iranian soccer team at the World Cup in Qatar. They refused to sing their nation’s national anthem in protest of the current regime.

Who knows what kind of retribution they will face for such bravery?