Is Disney Moving Back to the Right? You Be the Judge – Watch

Is Disney beginning to shy away from the woke left lean that filled their ranks of employees? Are they setting the stage to return to the family values that made their “kingdom” such a powerful success?

It seems that no one is safe at Disney right now, even some of the most significant executives.

It has been reported that Disney is about to go through a massive round of layoffs with 7000 employees (around 3 percent of the company’s global workforce) being terminated beginning at the end of March.

Insiders revealed that multiple rounds of cuts are being prepared. According to sources, there is “the big one” or a “bloodbath” coming when a large portion of the cuts are expected.

The company is expecting to save over $5 billion through these cuts. The most recent, high-profile firing was Marvel Studios Vice President Victoria Alonso. She was let go after Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was a box office disaster.

While the cause of Alonso’s termination is unclear, the sources said that Alonso was an avid social justice advocate who made bizarre moves such as trying to eliminate the term “X-Men” because it was “outdated.” She also declared that “diversity and inclusion” was not a “political game” to Marvel.

Alonso was the one who promised that Marvel would have a huge infusion of LGBT characters as well.

Disney certainly saw the number of politically radical activists increase in employee ranks. The ideology has certainly infected its movies and television shows to the point where it is unwatchable for many Americans.

Their liberal bent led to a war with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Disney lost big.

We may not know for a while if this is really a swing back to American tried and true values, but the signs are certainly looking good.