Is It 1993 Again? Jill Biden Doing The Heavy Lifting Releases Ridiculous Video Attacking Trump

It must be 1993 again because now Jill Biden is doing all the work for her husband. The Biden’s recently released a video, well they were at least both in it but, Jill did all the talking.

Jill Biden said, “This moment reminds us that the presidency is about true leadership — having the forethought to prepare for the worst, the backbone to lead through chaos, the character to move beyond politics.”

Watch the video Biden looks like he’s ready to cry. 

Radio host Jesse Kelly responded to the video and said, “If I was facing a constant stream of claims that I’m throwing my husband into the most stressful job in the world as his brain turns to tapioca pudding, I probably wouldn’t put out a video where I do all the talking and he looks like someone struggling to stand on his own.”

Throughout the pandemic, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Biden has been on the sidelines, while Schumer and Pelosi take on President Trump, and they aren’t doing a good job at it.

“Ice cream” eating Pelosi and Chuck “the small business killer” Schumer has failed to give Biden or the Democrat Party any traction.

Even Democrat political science professor at Rutgers University, Ross Baker said that he’s been “very puzzled” by Biden’s “very conspicuous absence.”

“There’s not a lot of things coming out from the Biden camp,” he said. “I would contrast it with Pelosi, who has made herself available to practically every late-night show host and news program. But Biden is kind of a phantom.”

Democrat operative Brad Woodhouse said that Biden has just been overshadowed by the moment and President Trump.

“I’ve seen what [Biden] has done and tried to do,” Woodhouse said. “The truth is we’re in this weird moment where it’s hard to break through, which is amazing, to think the presidential candidate for the opposition party is having trouble breaking through.”

Translation…Biden is a terrible candidate, he screws up so much his wife is now taking over, and he gets no traction with the American people because they know he’s a terrible candidate.

The Hill