Is the Trump Train Off the Tracks for Good?

Has the Trump train skidded off the tracks? It’s been a bad month for the former president, ever since he announced his reelection bid. 

Trump’s candidates in key swing states lost for the most part, and this week his family business was found guilty of criminal tax fraud. Add to this the fact that the January 6 Committee is ready to make criminal referrals. 

Trump’s campaign for 2024 may have been announced, but it has certainly not launched. 

“Where are the events? Where are the rallies? Where’s the staff?” one former Trump campaign official said. “I don’t know. I don’t understand the plan there. I don’t think there is a plan.”

Trump really needs some wins as more and more information comes out showing a willingness in voters to move on from him in 2024.

As bad as Trump’s month has been, DeSantis has had a good month. He won reelection by almost 20 points, and according to a new poll, he is ahead of Trump by 47 to 42 for 2024. Just in October, a poll had Trump winning 45 to 36. 

Mike Miller has a question in the press about whether it is time for more honest questions regarding the future of Trumpism in the Republican Party. 

DeSantis is already meeting with some of the GOP’s top donors to discuss his plans for the future. Invitations went out for an intimate dinner on Sunday in Miami with DeSantis and his wife. There will be more gatherings in the future in other parts of the state. 

The Florida governor has the best shot at beating Trump without losing his followers, but that won’t be easy, and there will be bloodshed. 

It’s probably not best for DeSantis to take the helm of moving on from Trump, but somebody will need to. These are important steps for the future and the fate of the party is at stake.