The Drip, Drip, Drip Continues, More MSM Reports Show Biden Is Getting The Andrew Cuomo Treatment

Over a period of months the disgraced former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo experienced a slow leak of devastating stories that eventually cost him his job.

That same drip, drip, drip is happening to Joe Biden.

The Hunter Biden stories aren’t going away, in fact they are increasing but not from the right, it’s coming from the mainstream media.

For example, the mainstream media outlet, Business Insider Daily recently wrote a piece titled, “Hunter Biden isn’t Trump, but what’s he’s up to is bad and deserves your attention – even if you hate Fox News.”

That’s not all, the Politico also released another report highlighting that Biden’s anticorruption probes are going to be plagued because of Hunter Biden.

Below is a stunning excerpt and notice how they are warming up their left wing audience:

Right-leaning outlets that devoted less attention to the ethical issues raised by the activities of Trump’s relatives have had a field day with the Hunter Biden story. Interest in his activities, meanwhile, has been relatively muted on the left.

That may be changing. Along with new evidence that at least some of the alleged laptop material is genuine — as well as other emerging evidence about the deals family members have sought or received from people with an interest in influencing Biden — the bipartisan outcry over the painting venture suggests that the Hunter Biden issue is not going away, and that liberals may increasingly tune in.

Leaked emails have shown that Hunter and Joe Biden shared an account together and that account is part of an FBI probe.

Cuomo couldn’t be removed over how he handled the pandemic because it would hurt Biden during the election so Democrats used a sex scandal to get rid of him.

Now, Joe Biden’s leadership (actually complete lack of leadership and competence) may give Republicans a super majority, there doesn’t seem to be an issue Joe Biden isn’t capable of screwing up. Chants of “F–k Joe Biden” are everywhere, and a recent election massacre in a Iowa blue district has Democrats worried.

Which is why it was very curious to see these Hunter Biden stories show up in the news cycle out of nowhere in the mainstream media.

It started a few weeks ago…

Politico’s Ben Schreckinger recently published a book showing the Biden family has been involved in “a number of incidents in which there were scandals, questions of favorable treatment surrounding some of their business dealings going all the way back to the 1970s.”

All of these “scandals” were confirmed a year ago however the swamp ignored them because they wanted to get rid of Trump. Now Biden’s screwups in Afghanistan, the border, with Europe, and his handling the economy are starting to take a toll on the left.

Don’t be surprised if over the next few months you see more and more stories about Hunter and the Biden family from the mainstream media. It may be the same tactic that was used to get Cuomo out of office.