It Begins: Media Is Rewriting History Using Mayor Pete Buttigieg To Cancel Richard Grenell

The media and the left are already trying to rewrite history and they are using Mayor Pete Buttigieg to do it.

Most people don’t know that Richard Grenell was America’s first openly gay cabinet official. It wouldn’t fit into the media’s narrative that the most racist president we’ve ever had nominated the first openly gay man to a cabinet position.

Grenell was most famous for declassifying documents that helped General Flynn and exposed the deep state. In February of 2020, Pink News posted a story that was titled, “Donald Trump just appointed his first openly gay cabinet member.”

Fast forward to November 9th, 2020, Pink News released a new article titled, “Joe Biden’s ‘almost certain’ to make Pete Buttigieg America’s first out gay cabinet official.”

They are rewriting history.

Reporters at the New York Times are also upset that Facebook hasn’t purged conservatives from the platform yet either. Kevin Roose, from the Times, is upset that four accurate top trending stories on Facebook haven’t been censored and claim they are “right-wing misinformation.”

What’s even more hilarious is that the articles Roose claims are right-wing misinformation are being covered by his own newspaper.

The Left is claiming now is the time for unity, meanwhile, their henchmen are trying to get Facebook to suspend all conservatives from their platform.

The unity The Left is calling for is actually subjugation, they want you to accept they are in charge now.

A great example is Biden claiming that wearing masks will unite us according to him if you don’t wear a mask you aren’t a “good American.” The new patriotism (according to the left) is going to be to do whatever they say or you “aren’t American.”