It ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense!’ Dems Outside Of Washington Are Starting To Turn On Biden Citing Policy Failures

Democrats outside the Washington DC beltway are starting to voice concerns about Biden’s policies from immigration to energy.

Michelle Lujan Grisham, the Democrat Governor of New Mexico is not happy with the White House and said Biden’s energy policy, “doesn’t make any sense” and it “hurts New Mexico.”

“I’m clearly concerned that right out of the gate, with very little guidance, we have an announcement to stall, right, a moratorium on lease applications, and the reality is a lot of oil and gas, right, in the Permian, is on private land in Texas,” she said. “So, wherever you are, wherever you are in the country or on the chamber, however you feel about that, you can simply just move and that just hurts New Mexico, and there are no environmental standards there.”

“You know, we’ve got partners who are really helping us curb emissions,” she said. “We have the strongest methane rules right now in the country and one of the most robust investments and transitions into renewable energy in the country. I mean, we’re doing all the things that they aspire to do at the federal level, including the clean fuel standards, which you all are supporting.”

Biden’s energy policy may turn New Mexico (a solid blue state) into a red state before it’s all said and done.

Biden’s immigration policy is also starting to wain on liberals and even the uber leftist news organization Vox magazine is concerned.

Vox admits what is occurring at the border is a consequence of Biden’s policy that was basically an open invitation to illegal immigrants.

The report from Vox relents that Biden is still keeping “kids in cages” and that Biden has sent the Federal Emergency Management Agency to aid border officials despite there claims that there is no border crisis.

Here’s my favorite pull quote from an immigration activists.

“This isn’t a new flow that we’re just seeing because Biden is coming into office,” Jessica Bolter, a policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, said. “The US government still hasn’t figured out exactly how to manage this flow of families and children. And throughout the Trump administration, the government neglected to find a way to adjust US border enforcement mechanisms in a way that protects their rights, but also exerts control over the system.”

In other words we didn’t like the way Trump did it but it worked however, Biden’s policy is a train wreck.

Biden may not want to admit it but he has big shoes to fill and he will be incapable of filling of them. Life was good and getting better in America before the coronavirus pandemic, many liberals – who believed the lie Trump was an idiot – thought Biden would do the same things Trump did just better. They are starting to find out Biden is the idiot, not Trump.

VOX | Jeffery Lord