It Seems Like Dems Are Wargaming To Contest November Election After Report Goes Public

Two interesting pieces came out of the New York Times and the Boston Globe and it ties everything together about the nonsense that the President isn’t going to leave office if he loses the November election.

It seems as though Democrats are wargaming a Joe Biden loss and how they can still remove President Trump from office. Or at the very least, seize on the chaos created after the election.

The New York Times article pretty much guaranteed that on election night we will not get the final results because of mail-in voting. The writer admits that states “like Pennsylvania may be counting mail-in ballots for weeks.”

Toward the end of the story the author discusses how the November election is going to be a nightmare, they mention a study that was just done by a “bipartisan” group wargaming the election. To the New York Times, it was a bipartisan group however, members were John Podesta and never-Trumper Bill Kristol.

The group was made of up political operatives, former government, and military officials they met online and war-gamed the election.

From the Boston Globe:

The group, which included Democrats and Republicans, gathered to game out possible results of the November election, grappling with questions that seem less far-fetched by the day: What if President Trump refuses to concede a loss, as he publicly hinted recently he might do? How far could he go to preserve his power? And what if Democrats refuse to give in?

The group called the “Transition Integrity Project” role-played the 11 weeks between Election Day and Inauguration Day, in which “Trump and his Republican allies used every apparatus of government — the Postal Service, state lawmakers, the Justice Department, federal agents, and the military — to hold onto power, and Democrats took to the courts and the streets to try to stop it.”

Both pieces mentioned that the group looked into four possible scenarios but both articles focused on what would happen if Trump won the electoral college but not the popular vote.

The Globe reported:

The scenario that produced the most contentious dynamics, however, was the one in which Trump won the Electoral College — and thus, the election — but Biden won the popular vote by 5 percentage points. Biden’s team retracted his Election Night concession, fueled by Democrats angry at losing yet another election despite capturing the popular vote, as happened in 2000 and 2016. In the mock election, Trump sought to divide Democrats — at one point giving an interview to The Intercept, a left-leaning news outlet, saying Senator Bernie Sanders would have won if Democrats had nominated him. Meanwhile, Biden’s team sought to encourage large Western states[Portland, Washington, and California] to secede unless pro-Democracy reforms were made.

For over a month Democrats have claimed President Trump will not leave office should he lose the election. Now we know why and they seem to be trying to figure out how to at the very least capitalize on the chaos they will create.

I’ve gotta be honest, if Portland and Washington wish to secede I say we let them.

The New York Times | Boston Globe