It’s Finally Out There, CDC Hid Damaging Information About COVID Vaccines

Well, what many of us thought was true has now been verified, it’s no shocker that a report has been made that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) withheld information about a potentially fatal complication from COVID-19 vaccinations. They finally fessed up after being given a court order to release the data. This is the last piece in the CDC’s puzzle of misstatements and lies over the last two years. 

“Just the News” reported the new information released under a court order and it shows that 1 in 3 among the earliest populations to get vaccinated reported needing medical care, missed school or work, or was unable to “perform normal daily activities” after being vaccinated. All the while the CDC kept fighting to keep the information away from public view. 

“Just the News,” wrote, “Among the 10 million-plus users of the agency’s v-safe active monitoring smartphone app through July — 8.5 million of whom signed up between December 2020 and April 2021, before all adults were eligible for COVID vaccines — nearly 8% said they required medical care after receiving the vaccines.”

The news was bad for children 3 and older as well. In some cases, 48% needed urgent care. Infants who received the shot this summer had a lower rate of hospitalization, but for those who got sick, 66% needed urgent care. 

Many used what was called the v-safe app, and through it, there were more than 10 million symptom reports filed each month from January through April of 2021. That dropped to 5 million in May and stayed at about 1 million for the next few months. The reports jumped to above 2 million in October after Biden wrongly ordered his vaccination mandates for almost 100 million workers. 

By January through July of 2020, it dropped to low to mid-hundred thousand.

This was because an overwhelming majority of people in the country were over the COVID fear that was perpetuated by the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party.