Ivanka Trump Posts A Spicy Tweet Blowing Up Fake News & Giving Her Hubby Two Thumbs Up

Ivanka Trump posted a spicy tweet the dismantles a fake news story written by the New York Times. The Times claimed that her husband, Jared Kushner’s work on the coronavirus task force slowed down responses and caused chaos. During an appearance on Fox Business, Kushner responded to those claims. He said that Governors were asking for things that were not data-driven. Kushner also reported that government officials that were assigned to the coronavirus task force did all of the decision makings. Kushner went to great detail dismantling the New York Times story and his wife cheered him on by posting his response.


Kushner was also very positive about the US economy moving forward saying that the Administration is going to do what it takes to make sure the country gets back on its feet.

“First of all, he wants to see what the impact of the close to $3 trillion that we’ve already put into the economy,” he pointed out. “I think that’s already starting to get in. I think a lot of people have gotten their stimulus checks. We’ve seen a lot of data — some, obviously, is encouraging — and we want to see the results of the tremendous and historic programs that we put in place before we decide what we want to do in the next step.”

The president right now is looking at a lot of ideas, having a lot of discussions with his economic team, with outside advisers, and he’s got a lot of different plans that he can put in place, depending on where the data starts going,” Kushner explained. “But the most important priority is getting the health crisis under control.“


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