Jackson Mississippi Democratic Mayor Promised to Make City Most Radical on the Planet…How’s It Going?

Chokwe Antar Lumumba is the Democratic mayor of Jackson, Mississippi. During his 2017 campaign, he ran on a very progressive and liberal platform. And he made a very memorable promise to make the city of Jackson “the most radical city on the planet.”
Lumumba promised in his campaign to introduce a universal basic income. He also promised to come up with alternatives to policing the city. He wanted to replace vacant lots with urban farms and solve the chronic issues with the city’s water and roads. He believed his agenda would break the “cycles of humiliation,”, especially for the black residents in Mississippi’s largest city. It is the most heavily black large city in the United States.
Well, let’s see how Lumumba is doing. So far, he has not been able to solve the city’s basic infrastructure problems, and now, with the unprecedented flooding, the city’s running water is unsafe to drink.
The population has been forced to wait in mile-long lines to receive bottles of drinking water.
Republican Governor Tate Reeves has had to declare a state of emergency because the running water is not reliably available and it is not safe for consumption.
The O.B. Curtis Water Plant, which is run by the city, has been plagued with issues now for years. It has had to issue numerous boil water notices in the past. And the recent flooding has halted its ability to offer reliable running water to 180,000 residents in the city of Jackson.
The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) will be giving out water from tanker trucks at various points throughout the city, Lumumba said in a CNN interview.
“I wouldn’t call us the most radical city to date,” Lumumba told Politico in 2021 amid a separate city water crisis.
We’re guessing that he would say the same thing today.