Jane Pauley Interviews Fetterman…You Won’t Believe What She Suggests – Watch

The woke media wanted more than anything for this interview to be good. John Fetterman finally was out of the hospital on Friday after a lengthy stay at Walter Reed for severe depression. This was just the latest health issue for the newly elected senator from Pennsylvania. He suffered a massive, debilitating stroke during his 2022 campaign.

After that life-threatening illness, Fetterman’s condition has only worsened, he now requires a closed captioning monitor to have a conversation. 

He has issues with hearing and with his ability to understand what he is hearing and saying. 

But he is still a darling to the mainstream press, and they continue to shame anyone who even questions his ability to lead in his position. 

CBS Sunday Morning’s Jane Pauley did the interview this weekend, she began with this summary: “I found Senator Fetterman hopeful, optimistic, ready to return to the United States Senate, and his role as a dad.” 

You could tell from her introduction that this was not going to be hard-nosed journalism. Pauly never pressed Fetterman on exactly what his ability is and what his duties entail. 

Pauley went so far overboard that she even praised him as an “unlikely darling of the fashion world.”

This is her whole quote, get ready: “A towering mayor with a Harvard degree and a penchant for hoodies and shorts. He was becoming a rising political star and an unlikely darling of the fashion world.”

Here is the most unbelievable thing about Pauly’s interaction with Fetterman, she suggested that possibly he should run for president one day.

These are Pauley’s words: “Your trajectory from mayor to Lt Governor, United States Senator, was still pointing up at 53 in politics, that’s a young man. Can you have aspirations? Can you serve beyond the United States Senate?”

It was Fetterman who had the clearest grasp on reality, he said that his ambition was to just take his son to dinner.