John Barnett Found Dead

In a shocking turn of events, a key whistleblower in the ongoing Boeing scandal was found dead this past weekend.

John Barnett, a former quality control engineer at the company, was discovered in his truck with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His death came just days after he was cross-examined by both Boeing’s lawyers and his own attorney.

Barnett, who had dedicated over thirty years of his life to working at Boeing, recently raised concerns about the company’s production standards. He bravely spoke out about how the rush to get the 787 Dreamliner jets off the production line compromised safety measures, putting the lives of passengers at risk.

According to Barnett, the emergency oxygen systems on the 787 Dreamliners had a 25% failure rate, meaning a quarter of the planes had the potential to rapidly lose oxygen in the event of cabin decompression. He had shared his worries with his superiors, but sadly, his concerns fell on deaf ears.

It wasn’t until the Federal Aviation Administration investigated Boeing in 2017 and ordered the company to take action that Barnett’s fears were somewhat validated. This past January, he spoke out again, this time expressing his apprehension about the hasty return of the 737 Max 9 jets to the skies following the Alaska Airlines incident in which a door panel blew off midflight.

However, Boeing denied any wrongdoing and expressed sadness over Barnett’s death. The company claims to be fully cooperating with authorities, who are currently investigating the incident.

Boeing said in a statement, “We are saddened by Mr. Barnett’s passing, and our thoughts are with his family and friends,” Boeing’s statement read.

This tragic turn of events raises serious questions about the credibility of the aircraft manufacturer and its commitment to safety. It also sheds light on the corrupt practices that may be taking place within the company, prioritizing profits over the well-being of passengers.

Fox Business