Jen Psaki Flails and Fumbles in First Stab at Her MSNBC Show – Watch

Jen Psaki, the former White House Press Secretary, now has a new MSNBC show. So now, the same rants that took place in the White House briefing room can come to living rooms around the nation. 

On Sunday evening Psaki had her first show, and to be honest, it didn’t go very well. She sat in front of a teleprompter and started attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his views on the war in Ukraine. 

One of the responses from a watcher indicated that Psaki needed some lessons on how to use her hands while giving a cable news monologue. A TV show is not the same means of communication as a public speech. 

But Psaki’s delivery was not the biggest problem in the first episode, it was how unprepared she seem to be in getting through her talking points. 

For instance, she seemed to indicate that it was hypocritical to call Putin a war criminal while also saying that America’s borders are more important than Ukraine’s borders. Those two truths are not mutually exclusive. 

Putin is totally in the wrong and American interests are preeminent when dealing with foreign policy. 

When you think about the ratings at MSNBC in general and you add to that the poor showing Psaki made in her first stab at a talk show, this is going to be a disaster. 

The fact that Psaki was moved from her former position in the Biden Administration and given this platform at MSNBC is another sign of how the far left in Washington D.C. promotes only from within. 

MSNBC watched Psaki avoiding questions and giving rote answers in press briefings and thought we should give her a national television show. 

Did anybody question whether she could actually connect to viewers? Looks like MSNBC is ready to learn another hard lesson, again.