Jill Biden Cracks Under Pressure, Furious After Reporter Touches A Nerve

Jill Biden’s office is fuming after a reporter hit a little too close to home.

Michael LaRosa, the First Lady’s press secretary, demanded Fox News reporter Rachel Campos-Duffy apologize for suggesting Jill failed the country by letting her husband run for president.

“This is disgusting. @RCamposDuffyand @FoxNews know better. They can do better and their viewers deserve better. I hope they’ll apologize to the First Lady and leave this kind of talk in the [trash] where it belongs,” LaRosa wrote.

The Fox and Friends host was discussing the chaos in Afghanistan and blamed it on the cognitive decline of Joe Biden.

“Who are the people responsible for putting someone this incompetent and frankly this mentally frail in this position. …I”m sorry, as a political spouse, I can’t help but look at Jill Biden,” Campos-Duffy said. “No one knew better his state of mind than Dr. Jill Biden. And if you ask me the most patriotic thing Jill Biden could have done was tell her husband, to love her husband, and not let him run in the mental state that he is in. I think she failed the country as well.”

It’s no wonder Jill is fuming Campos-Duffy obviously she touched a nerve especially after what we’ve all witness occur this week.

Just two days before the attacks on the airport in Kabul Psaki called the operation a “success.”

As a result of Biden’s poor handling of the withdrawal in Afghanistan Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced Articles of Impeachment.