Watch: Jill Biden Does Everything Wrong, Humiliates Herself While Giving Speech In Front Controversial Flag

First Lady Jill Biden did everything wrong during a speech in front of a flag resembling Marxist values and fascism.

The First Lady made the remarks speaking to farmworkers on the birthday of Cesar Chavez, a left wing dictator that has ruined Venezuela. Chavez is also know for making bigoted remarks about immigrants.

During the speech, Jill Biden botched a slogan trying to speak Spanish.

In just a few short months we’ve gone from a supermodel First Lady that spoke five languages fluently, to “Dr.” Jill Biden. 

What was even more concerning was the flag behind the First Lady which even those on the left thought resembled Germany World War II.

The Smithsonian Magazine explained the flag and its meaning:

The story of the black eagle, the movement’s symbol, exemplifies [Cesar] Chavez’s skill as a tactician. He researched emblems, including cigarette boxes and Nazi flags, and concluded that the most potent color combination was red, black and white. He picked the eagle and directed his brother to draw the bird so simply that anyone could easily replicate the symbol.

“A symbol is an important thing. That is why we chose an Aztec eagle,” Cesar Chavez said. “It gives pride…When people see it they know it means dignity.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom was also there however, journalists made sure not to take a picture of him with the flag in the background.