The Biden Admin Has Destroyed Trump’s Momentum Job Market Is ‘Much Worse’ Than Expected

Liberals really believed that anything former President Trump could do Biden could do better. Their hatred from Trump clouded their judgement, their belief in thinking Trump was a dunce and Biden was “smart” blinding them from understanding the failure of Biden’s policies. 

After slowly gaining momentum during the latter portion of last year the job market is starting to regress. The latest weekly jobless claims from the Department of Labor show an increase of claims rising by almost 13,000 to 861,000. 

Economists believed that claims would fall from 793,000 to 768,000 that figure has now been revised to 848,000. 

What did they expect would happen after Biden’s policy toward the fossil fuel industry? 

Economists believe that businesses are shedding employees to adjust to market conditions created by the Biden Administrations policies. What’s happening now is a terrible sign, workers who lose their jobs are unable to find replacement work and are being forced to apply for benefits. 

The country was moving in the right direction last fall when claims slowly but steadily fell until the election. Once the markets believed that Biden was going to be President the job market started to get worse. 

The job market is now reeling and is seeing the highest level of claims since October of 1982 when they hit 695,000. 

Meanwhile, Congress seems to be more focused on impeaching Trump and creating a “truth commission” than approving coronavirus relief aid for Americans.

The Biden administration has failed to open schools as promised, failed to adequately distribute the vaccine, failed to deliver on their promise of $2,000 checks, and now they are killing the job market. 

This is Biden’s America. 

Breitbart News