Joe Biden Just Made History But He Isn’t Going To Like How

President Joe Biden has made history but he isn’t going to like how.

According to the polling firm, the 538, which has far-left tendencies, Biden is the most unpopular president in American history up to this point of his term in office.

In just 18 months, Biden has become more unpopular than any previous president where the polling data exists, which goes back almost 90 years.

Despite being the most disliked president in the last 90 years Biden telegraphed that he wants to keep Americans in pain. The president admitted that gas prices and inflation are a chance to “make a fundamental turn” toward green energy. A former Obama advisor, Larry Summers hinted that things are going to get even worse. On Sunday, he said there is no precedent to stopping this amount of inflation without a recession.

Meanwhile, Biden and the White House claim a recession isn’t inevitable.

Biden was warned for a year that inflation was rising and trouble was on the horizon, but he scoffed at it.

Now the nation will suffer for Joe Biden’s incompetence.