Watch: Angry Joe Is Back SNAPS At Reporters, Incident Shows He Can’t Do Two Things At Once

Angry Joe is back and during a media appearance he snapped at reporters clutching his notes.

Biden was finishing up an appearance and wanted to escape to wherever they keep for the holiday when when he was peppered with questions.

As Biden finished his remarks the press shouted questions about the economy, the border, and Afghanistan.

Biden was clearly flustered, clutched his note cards, and angrily said that he was “concerned” about the amount of questions he was being asked. The President whined that all he wants to do is celebrate the holiday (he wouldn’t even say the 4th of July or Independence Day) and shot back he’ll answer their questions later.

Despite the White House having more controlled media appearances Biden is still having a hard time keeping it together. In the video below you’ll see Biden trying to order ice cream and gets confused trying to answer questions from the press at the same time; and yes the note cards come back out.

It didn’t go unnoticed either…

Below is how the mainstream media reported the event.

But don’t worry peasants (sarcasm), the ruling class wants you to know that the Biden Administration is going to save you a whole $0.16 for your 4th of July barbecue compared to last year. Never mind the fact that in some blue states would have the police come to your house if you dared celebrate the 4th with friends.

Also, thanks to the Biden administration when you travel to said BBQ this year it is going to cost you a record amount at the pump.