Watch: Emperor Joe Loses It Over Filibuster, Calls Those Who Oppose His Policies Domestic Enemies

Emorper Joe Biden was back and angrier than ever calling those that oppose his policies his domestic enemies.

Maybe Joe was mad that high-profile Democrats wanted nothing to do with his speech. Georgia Democrats told the Atlanta Journal Consitution that Kamala and Biden should have stayed in DC:

Behind the scenes, we spoke with other senior Democrats whose complaints go even further.

“Georgians know the importance of voting rights and so do the senators we elected,” said one prominent state Democrat. “Why the heck are they leaving Washington – where people need convincing to pass legislation – to come to Georgia where no one needs convincing?”

Several said they weren’t involved in the planning stages of the event, and two officials expressed privately the same frustration outlined by the coalition of activists.

“We could have told them how Georgians would feel, if only they had asked,” said one.

Others questioned why there’s no fundraising event for Georgia candidates tied to the visit. Biden raised more than $500,000 for then-Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms last year, though the donors were refunded after she decided against a run for a second term.

Democrats in Georgia did not want to be part of the rantings of an old man that claimed he got arrested during the civil rights movement.

By the way, we’ve been forced to use the RNC research video account because Twitter has banned conservatives that were posting the best videos. As soon as Gettr allows sharing of videos for publishers will be posting them again. 

Biden and Kamala’s speech was full of yelling and hypocrisy. Harris said that the Senate use of the filibuster was “arcane” however when she was in the Senate Democrats used the filibuster 327 times.

Biden said, “Let the majority prevail. And if that bare minimum is blocked, we have no option but to change the Senate rules—including getting rid of the filibuster for this.” He claimed that not passing the radical voting rights bill is a threat to democracy, which isn’t true it’s just a threat to Democrats. Every time you hear the phrase “threat to democracy” just replace it with “threat to Democrats.”

Then angry Joe came out and called anyone who opposes his policies a domestic terrorist.