Joe Needed A Quick Reminder During Interview

President Joe Biden has been avoiding important questions and has continuously shied away from the traditional media. However, the public has now been given a glimpse into his mindset through a rare interview with Ryan Seacrest, which aired during ABC’s New Year’s Eve programming. In the interview, President Biden showed a lack of coherence and even needed a reminder from First Lady Jill Biden to mention ice cream, a food that he enjoys.

“Well, I’ve been eating everything that’s put in front of me,” Biden began. “But I’ve eaten pasta, which I love. I’ve eaten a lot of chicken, chicken parmesan, I’ve been eating all Italian foods, basically.”

The first lady cut in to remind her husband, “And ice cream.”

“And ice cream,” the president added. “Chocolate chip ice cream.”

After this interaction, it became abundantly clear that the President only takes “soft serve” questions and cannot handle hard-hitting issues that affect the American people. The interview drew criticism online and in the media with some saying, “This is such a farce at this point, seriously ??” one person wrote on X. “All those hardball questions!” added another.

The lack of transparency from the Biden administration is alarming, especially since the President repeatedly promised to lead with honesty and integrity. His unwillingness to engage with traditional media and his avoidance of press conferences only fuels suspicion about his mental acuity, as polls have shown that a majority of Americans have concerns about his age and ability to lead. It is concerning that at 81 years old, President Biden would be 86 if he serves a full second term. This raises questions about his fitness to serve as the President of the United States.

The lack of seriousness and gravity in the interview with Ryan Seacrest further highlights the issue at hand. President Biden failed to mention the pressing problems that are currently facing the nation, such as the record-breaking surge in illegal immigration at the US-Mexico border and an ongoing impeachment inquiry into alleged corruption. Instead, he seemed more focused on surface-level topics such as holiday foods and how the United States is in a better position to lead the world, without providing any concrete evidence or plans to support this claim.

The President’s lack of engagement with traditional media also raises concerns about his ability to handle tough questioning and criticism from journalists. It is disconcerting that he has not given a single press conference or interview with newspaper reporters in almost three years of his presidency. This not only goes against the basic principles of transparency and accountability in leadership but also speaks volumes about his inability to handle the demands of the job.

Interestingly, it was noticeable that the first lady, Jill Biden, was present during the interview. While some might see her presence as a show of support for her husband, others speculate that she is there to keep him on message. It is not uncommon for her to accompany the President at high-profile events, and her presence has been noted to keep him more on track and prevent any potential gaffes or slip-ups. This begs the question of whether President Biden’s speech and actions are being closely controlled and managed by his team and family, which further raises concerns about his ability to lead independently.

As President Biden gears up for a potential rematch with former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election, Biden’s policies and actions, including the rising inflation and interest rates, have left Americans feeling economically pessimistic.

New York Post