Joe’s In Trouble & Media Tries To Spin That He’s Headed Back To The Basement Upon Return To USA

Make no mistake President Joe Biden is headed back into the basement when he returns to the United States. The media is trying to spin it but it doesn’t change the fact that Biden is going to have to take a break when he gets back.

On his way to the airport, Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC host (state media) posted a picture of Biden declaring that his trip was a victory and will be taking time off to celebrate his 44th wedding anniversary.

There was nothing arduous about his foreign trip, it was a disaster and no one is taking him seriously.

During a press event, Joe was tougher on CNN’s Kaitlan Collins than he was with Putin when she asked a question that wasn’t on his precious flashcards.

Things went bad as soon as Biden sat down with Putin, watch him clutch his beloved flashcards.

Through out his trip Biden has struggled to keep up.

Joe’s trip to Europe was a national embarrassment and now he’s headed back into the basement to sleep for a while.