Joe’s Philly Trip Gets Him Some Unwanted Attention

On Monday, after another leisurely weekend at Camp David, Joe Biden made a half-hearted appearance in Philadelphia. In typical fashion, he shuffled around with his head down, trying to appear energetic with his signature half-step jog. It’s painfully obvious that someone is telling him to do this, but it fools no one into thinking he has any real vigor left in his mind.

Biden’s visit was at Philabundance, a hunger relief organization, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. But instead of actually volunteering, he spent less than two hours there for a quick photo op before heading back to his basement hiding spot.

During his time at Philabundance, Biden was once again caught awkwardly mingling with people. He attempted to help pack apples into boxes, but as usual, he couldn’t even manage that simple task without looking confused and out of touch. To make matters worse, the people around him were talking to him like he was a child, humoring him as if he were just a cute old man.

When Biden lifted up the apples, he had another one of his famous empty, clueless looks. It’s no wonder that this moment is sure to become a meme, capturing the essence of a man who is supposed to be the leader of the free world.

But Biden’s awkwardness didn’t stop there. He also attempted to engage with a young girl, asking her how old she was. “11? Wow,” he exclaimed, probably relieved that he didn’t accidentally sniff her hair in the process.

After the photo op was over, the Biden team quickly whisked him away, not wanting to risk any more embarrassing incidents. And that was it for his public schedule for the rest of the day. No real “work” for the supposed leader of the free world, just a token appearance to honor a holiday. This is the same man who has now spent over 24 days not doing much of anything, while the southern border is in chaos and American hostages are being held by terrorists.

As his public appearances continue to dwindle, so do his numbers.